The Fake Tribune

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Data Visualisation

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Tara Svensson

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The Challenge

Create a data visualisation microsite that is based on the topic of social media being a social dilemma

The Problem Statement

Fake News is still a prominent issue on social media, especially Facebook with the older generations therefore users need to be educated on the topic of fake news.

The Objective

Provide a edutainment piece that focuses on how easy it is to spread fake news and prevent further spreading of fake news.

Two Truths & A Lie

This concept transports users back to the time when newspapers were the main source of news. Correlating to the game of two truths a lie where the most articles are lie however two of them. A game is like an interactive website that contains headlines about different topics such as pop culture beliefs that people think are true however they aren’t.

An interactive website that transports viewers to a time when newspapers were the main source of news is the idea. Users participate in a game-like experience with headlines describing popular cultural views, sports, and politics which encourages them to exercise critical thought and challenge the legitimacy of information. The idea is to promote responsible information consumption and raise awareness of fake news by incorporating surprise aspects and instructional components. Transporting users back in time to the era when newspapers were the primary source of news and educate them about the dangers of sharing unverified information. By immersing users in an interactive experience that mimics the look and feel of a newspaper, while providing valuable insights into the impact of fake news.


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Process Work