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Tara Svensson

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The Challenge

This brief was a group collaboration and the task was to create a campaign for Sterkinekor as well as a social issue within South Africa. My task was to create the microsite for this campaign.

The Problem Statement

1 out of 10 people in SA are visually impaired with no means of improving their eyesight.

The Objective

This campaign aims to increase awareness of Vision Mission, a social organisation connected to Sterkinekor that assists with visual impairment in South Africa.

Some Scenes Need To Be Seen

By reframing the way people view visual impairments through Ster-Kinekor and the movies. A multichannel experience through live interactive movie posters, and an in-cinema experience that all links to VisionMissions microsite. The microsite is home for all things Vision Mission, the idea behind this site was for users to have an interactive experience that puts them in the shoes of those with visual impairments.

The campaign's aim was to educate the public along with raising donations for Vision Mission in order to provide the underpriveleged people in South Africa with glasses and an invite to watch a movie voted by the public, so that they could see the scenes and life the way they were meant to be seen. Free pop-up screenings across the country were also planned in order provide information on one's eyesight.



Process Work