Monthly Wrapped

Category :

Motion Design

Designer :

Tara Svensson

Start Date :


Brand :


The Challenge

Create a portfolio piece that enhances my portfolio as well adds to a new catergory to showcase new skills.

The Problem Statement

Social play a big part in sharing content that people are proud of and more seamless the sharing the more likely they are to share.

The Objective

Showcase after effects skills and idea generation with a motion graphic showcasing monthly listening habits of a user.

Soundtrack at a Glace

A monthly wrapped motion graphic video series that takes viewers on a visual journey through the most influential and captivating moments of the past month. The concept revolves around encapsulating the essence of each month's cultural, social, and global highlights in a visually stunning and dynamic motion graphic compilation.

Spotify Wrapped's huge success has left people waiting for the day their listening history is released. This video of a user's history is a seamless and quick way to share there music habits. With a secondary source that provides users with these motion graphics by giving access to their listening history from their chosen platform is a perfect way to add a new dimension to the social media behind listening behaviours.