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Tara Svensson

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The Challenge

Do a passion project on a topic that you are passionate about as well as a category that can enhance your portfolio and showcase your skills.

The Problem Statement

Designing an all-in-one wildlife app that integrates information, tracking, and conservation efforts to enhance user engagement and contribute to the protection of species as well as educate users while providing entertainment

The Objective

Empower users with wildlife knowledge, real-time tracking, and interactive conservation features through the app, creating a deep connection to nature and encouraging participation in conservation.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Drawing a parallels between animals camouflaging & blending seamlessly into their environment, much like how they might go unnoticed unless one is specifically looking for them, leading to function of posting markers. Additionally, this concept is closely tied to the idea of 'hides'— communal locations designed for observing nature in its purest form.

With the area of design I want to go into in the future being UI and UX, and after a look at my portfolio I came to the realisation that the gaps in my portfolio were in the app design area. I have one app that I created however it was a basic app with a home screen and onboarding, apart from it not being a full app it also didn’t have the full UX/UI process behind it in terms of sitemaps, user personas etc.. With me also wanting to go into web and app design I realised I have enough websites and not enough app designs. The app I’m creating is an all-inclusive wildlife app for South Africa. Not only does this help my portfolio with UX/UI it also showcases my other skill within wildlife photography as all the photographs in the app will have been taken by me.

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05 . Map Pamphlet

05 . Process Work