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Web Design

Designer :

Tara Svensson

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Client :


The Challenge

This brief was a group project which tasked us with creating a full fledged campaign for the brand Biosense. I was given the task of design a website for the brand.

The Problem Statement

Majority of people do shopping online and uses brand's websites as their way of finding information on the brand, with Biosense having a low brand awareness along with social media presence, a website is needed to enhance their awareness.

The Objective

Establish a system on the website where 70% of customer inquiries or feedback receive a response within 24 hours. 

From Seed To Strand

The journey where natural ingredients create stunning, healthy hair. Beginning with ethically sourced botanical seeds, guided by nature's wisdom from soil to strand, to weave magic into every lock. A strong commitment to transparency empowers customers to embrace their hair's natural beauty, from seed to strand. 

The idea behind this website was to create site for a brand whom doesn't currently have one in order to help generate sales and brand awareness while staying trendy in terms of design aesthetic and staying true to the brand's identity

Mobile Site