Fine Line AR Experience

Category :

Augmented Reality

Designer :

Tara Svensson

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The Challenge

Design a simple Augmented Reality experience for my end‐of‐year student exhibition of your work, projecting a custom 3D object of your own design onto a flat surface.

The Problem Statement

AR experiences have become a new way of interacting with a brand which ultimately creates a memorable brand experience, making use of augmented reality can help enhance brand image.

The Objective

To create a memorable and visually engaging introduc:on of my brand and skills that grabs the attention of potenial employers or friends and family.



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Fine Line

Embracing the idea that it's natural to be indecisive at times, to follow our instincts, and to chart our unique path, unburdened by the judgments of others. However, even within this fluidity, there is an art to discernment—a fine line that guides us towards authenticity. In design, our journey begins with the elemental point, the genesis of every creative endeavour, which concludes in a line. This concept resonates across various design elements, emphasising the importance of precision and purpose in every project you undertake. Fine Line is more than a design brand; it's a reflection of who we are as an empathetic and compassionate individual. We are driven by our genuine understanding of the human experience, always seeking to find the deeper connections in life—the 'why' that results in everything we do.

My AR experience involves marker-based augmented reality acivated by scanning the business cards. When a visitor scans the card using their smartphone it triggers an anima:on of my brand logo with 3D blobs/organic shapes that contain my brand's gradient floating in 3D shapes within their environment. Some of these blobs will be slightly transparent, allowing the logo to be visible behind, and possibly distorted. This experience would resemble my personal brand in relation to my love of gradients, colours and modern minimalistic design aesthetic. This AR experience is simply yet effect in communicating my brand image and aesthetic of my personal brand. It also communicate my personality with the soP shapes but bold and light font types.


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