Africology Microsite

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Tara Svensson

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The Challenge

Create an intuitive user experience supported by usable, efficient interactions on a microsite for Africology.

The Problem Statement

Balancing the cultural richness of Africology while maintaining usability and efficiency requires a thoughtful approach to design and functionality. Addressing this challenge involves finding innovative solutions.

The Objective

Increase Africology's brand awareness through an interactive microsite that aligns with the brand values and identity while still maintaining a memorable experience.

Frame 224

Breathing In African Serenity

The idea behind this concept is to allow the user to unwind and bring themselves back down to Earth and therefore Africa. It is a guided meditation that allows you to take a breath and breathe in African Serenity while also allowing you to imagine your quiet place resulting in your connecting with nature as well as focusing on your breathing and mind. The concepts relates to the brand in terms of their holistic and natural products as well as the spiritual connections the brand has with what they provide. They encourage a cleaner lifestyle as well as more grounded, spiritual one.

The Breathing in African Serenity competition microsite aims to build brand awareness and engagement with their current customer base and possibly create a larger customer base in the process. The microsite encourages people to take a breathe and unwind from whatever day they’ve had through a guided meditation



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