Tara svensson

about ME

- WHO am i?

i'm a CREATIVE WITH passion for UI & UX DESIGN, product design and visual communication.

My commitment to balance and connection drives me to create designs that resonate with purpose. I'm are here to explore, and empathise, making every design journey a mindful and meaningful one.

  • +Balance
  • +Optimisim
  • +Honesty
  • +Curious
  • +Observant
  • +Perfectionist
  • +Trust
  • +Open-Minded
  • +Attentive


Digital Designer

Tara-Lynn Svensson

Hi, I’m currently a third year digital designer at Vega College in Cape Town. I’m a cheerful and optimistic person (basically I don't take life too seriously) but i also have a serious and deep side. I have a passion for wildlife along with wildlife photography, along with those passions I also have a love for design. especially UI And UX (and I can’t do any of these things without music, or anything in life for that matter) I am perfectionist at heart which tends to be quite a nuisance. I also have a love for technology, basically anything Apple :). I’m always willing to learn and grow to become a better designer and person.
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